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Rhode Island, circa 1947

Here’s a video of a nine-minute promotional film on Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union – though the state with the nation’s highest per capita production of industrial goods. The grainy black & white photography and the “professional” … Continue reading

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Driehaus prize to Rbt. Adam

It’s unlikely that Robert Adam will soon match the iconic status of Robert Adam. Two centuries separate the two classical architects. But eventually, maybe he will. With the extant Adam’s winning the Driehaus Prize yesterday, he extends his climb to … Continue reading

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Milwaukee’s I-195 success

Milwaukee once had a host of beer plants, including Schlitz, Pabst and Blatz, along the Milwaukee River to which hops, malt and other ingredients were shipped in and beer was shipped out by train. The beer factories closed, the Beer … Continue reading

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Build the boulevard anyway

Governor Raimondo has stepped into the debate here in Providence over how to rebuild the aging 6-10 Connector, which carries traffic into downtown from parts west. The state originally wanted to build a complex version of Boston’s Big Dig, but … Continue reading

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The next Blackstone battle?

The headline refers to the failed effort, in 2014, to divide up the Granoff estate. The property behind it, 25 Balton Rd., has the same dark cloud gathering over it. Many people are familiar with the Bodell mansion from having … Continue reading

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The 4th w/out the Overture

I am still suffering from Tchaikovsky’s Retreat from Providence. Last year the Rhode Island Philharmonic gave a bravura performance of “The 1812 Overture” for the city’s Fourth of July celebration at India Point Park. Not this year. I have no … Continue reading

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Nice public comfort stations

Paris always had great places to take a leak. New York’s public restrooms at Bryant Park, outside of the New York Public Library, also astonish us (today) that so much effort was made to celebrate the accomplishment of our most … Continue reading

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Is this tactical urbanism?

Here is a street sign that seems to epitomize the fatuousness, and perhaps the corruption, of municipal bureaucracy. Warning signs just like this have been popping up in the middle of streets in Providence for the past year or so. … Continue reading

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Dorothy in “Renderland”

Given the apparent difficulty architects have designing places that improve rather than undermine their settings, I was amused at the crie de coeur from art critic Mary Louise Schumacher of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the figures – known in the … Continue reading

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Architecture and friendliness

My friend Cliff Vanover just sent me a link to Travel & Leisure’s new survey on the 266 places that made it onto its list of World’s Unfriendliest Cities. The unfriendliest was Moscow. A hint of political bias, perhaps? How … Continue reading

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