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Mom rendered as a building

I tried in my last blog, “The architecture of the wife,” earlier today, to link to a column I wrote in 2004 to honor my late mother, Mona Brussat, and downloaded from the archive of the Providence Journal. It didn’t … Continue reading

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The architecture of the wife

A sonnet would be more romantic, perhaps, but let me try combining, just for today, my blog, Architecture Here and There, and my dear wife, Victoria. Today marks our tenth anniversary. This evening I will be taking her out to … Continue reading

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History survives in Houston

For many people, I suppose, Houston brings to mind tall glass towers sitting cheek by jowl with small gas stations and grandfathered (if not exactly grandfatherly) shops. Its historic character was submerged long before Hurricane Harvey. Zoning is a free-for-all … Continue reading

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Salingaros’s ‘conscious cities’

Last night’s Lost Providence book launch concluded with a stimulating series of exchanges regarding the nature of architecture and the allure of cities. I mentioned the work of mathematician Nikos Salingaros at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His … Continue reading

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“Lost Prov” blasts off today

Today is the day my book Lost Providence goes on sale. At least a hundred people have already pre-ordered it from History Press/Arcadia Publishing, and that was as of two weeks ago. The official launch of the book will be … Continue reading

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Classicism in La-La Land

You’d think that a simpatico of sorts might naturally have developed between classical architecture and the city of Los Angeles, home of Hollywood and its beautiful stars.  Doesn’t beauty love beauty? Apparently not. I suspect many celloid beauties like to … Continue reading

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“Lost Providence” update

Lost Providence will go on sale this Monday, August 28. Symposium Books on Westminster Street in downtown will throw the first book launch that same day, starting at 6 p.m. I will give a short introduction, read a chapter, take … Continue reading

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Old mods hard-wired to ugly

The two buildings above say all that needs to be said, really, about why traditional architecture is superior to modern architecture. Still, it is crucial to understand why modern architecture emerged in the first half of the last century, and … Continue reading

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Out with the new, in with …

A new apartment building planned for Westminster Street outside of downtown, well beyond Route 95, is going through the design process. The Journal’s story, “5-story building gets go-ahead in Providence” describes tough going for the developer, Michael Lemoi, whose project … Continue reading

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‘Live’ blogging the eclipse

We are not going anywhere for the eclipse. We are going to view it from our backyard, sitting in patio chairs, without special glasses. Are you alarmed? No, we are not going to look directly at the sun passing behind … Continue reading

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