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Fond adieu to Horne’s Paris

Here are several more passages lifted from the closing chapters of Alistair Horne’s engaging Seven Ages of Paris: Less felicitous were architectural scandals like the Tour Montparnasse (started in 1959, but not finished till 1973), greatest urban project since Haussmann, … Continue reading

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More from ‘7 Ages of Paris’

Here are a couple more passages from Alistair Horne’s Seven Ages of Paris: The first two are from his section on the Second Empire: With so much borrowed from the past, was there (leaving aside the new apartment blocks) any … Continue reading

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Haussmann’s urban removal

Preservationists and architects should be enemies: the preservation of any old building postpones work designing a new building to replace it. Baron Haussmann’s demolition and rebuilding of much of old Paris in the third quarter of the 19th century created … Continue reading

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Is it art or art-I-choke?

Not difficult to answer that question. The victim is the Château de Rentilly, not far from Paris. The article about this transformation is “Old French Château Gets a Shiny Modern Makeover as New Art Space,” on ifitshipits- here.com (if it’s … Continue reading

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London in 25 hard minutes

By hard I mean compared with the soft gray focus of the video in my last post, “Fifty soft minutes in Paris.” This is the Rick Steves tour of Britain’s capital. Steves’s voice is mellow enough, and the photography, unlike … Continue reading

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Fifty soft minutes in Paris

Here is Paris, silent, with street noises and children noises, just shots of the City of Light for nearly an hour. Almost a little vacation there. No bad music, no irksome narrator, in any tongue. Just sit back and relax, … Continue reading

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Carpionato rides again!?

The proposed apartment complex on Harris Avenue behind Providence Place, near the 903 apartments, looks enchanting. Of course, the devil is in the details, and one fears the design will not even live up to the drawings above and below, … Continue reading

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Pix of Moran’s Samaritaine

Last night I posted on Connor Moran’s elegant counterproposal for the Rue de la Rivoli side of La Samaritaine, the famous Paris department store. The Notre Dame grad, a native of Naperville, Ill., who now works for Ferguson & Shamamian, … Continue reading

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Which way will Paris go?

Two items regarding the direction of Paris. First is a plea from architectural theorist Leon Krier that Paris’s Mayor Hidalgo find someone other than Dominique Perrault to redesign the portion of the Ile de la Cité (site of Notre Dame … Continue reading

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Cry for Palmyra, not Paris?

Far be it from me to wish people would shut up about Palmyra and cry for Paris instead. For one thing, Paris isn’t anywhere near as close to death as Palmyra and other archaeological sites in the ISIS cross-hairs. But … Continue reading

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