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Decent guys as architects

Rural Studio is an architectural outfit in Alabama that strives to produce houses for $20,000. The website Misfits’ Architecture posted on Rural Studio recently, listing the small, affordable houses by major firms and architects that cost more, often much, much … Continue reading

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“Rear Window” trailer trash

Here is a marvelous set of factoids from the website Mental Floss, called “12 Thrilling Facts about ‘Rear Window,” the 1954 movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, who investigate a murder through his rear window. And I will assure … Continue reading

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Hellblog: To quoin a frieze

I am about to place a new blog on my “Blogs I Follow” list. It is the blog of the British architectural cartoonist Louis Hellman, called “Hellblog,” and comes to me from Malcolm Millais, the irrepressible author of Exploding the … Continue reading

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London’s Tin Pan Alley, RIP

RIP? So it appears, to the eyes (and supposedly the ears) of many. A deep source sent me an article from Britain’s Evening Standard headlined (in part; it was an almost endless “hed”) “Kinks Star Slams ‘Soulless’ Denmark Street Redevelopment.” … Continue reading

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How does tower still stand?

Its bell is gone but somehow the tower along the main road through Amatrice survived the magnitude 6.2 earthquake that hit central Italy early Wednesday morning. At least 267 souls perished. Some of these mountain villages hit may never revive.In … Continue reading

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From atop Rubik’s Cube

Here are some shots through the grand windows of the 11th floor meeting room of the old Brown Rudnick law firm, a space now belonging to Brown University, which kindly allowed me up to shoot a shot for my book … Continue reading

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Sketches by David Macaulay

Strolling along the RISD embankment during WaterFire last Saturday, I stumbled upon “The Way Macaulay Works,” an exhibit of the work of David Macaulay, the prolific illustrator and creator of books about how buildings, cathedrals and other places are built. … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of China

Who knew that it ended at the sea? It does, at the Yellow Sea, just athwart what we now call the Korean Peninsula. It is over 13,000 miles long, running from east to west. I do not know how successful … Continue reading

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Ugliest house in Vancouver?

Some Vancouverites are upset over the house to the left in the photo above. “Vancouver’s Most Hideous Urban Design for 2016: Why residents are up in arms over this house,” reads the headline in The National Post. So why are … Continue reading

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In search of Russell Warren

Through my correspondent Peter Van Erp, Corinne Barber of the Rhode Island Historical Society has made it known that the Society will be digitizing drawings and other documents of Russell Warren, the celebrated 19th century Rhode Island architect. He is … Continue reading

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