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Rubbers meets the Rhode

Senate President Dominick “Rubbers” Ruggierio has introduced legislation in Rhode Island’s General Assembly to bar cities and towns from bothering the developers who want to screw this state’s localities and their citizens. Ruggerio was dumbfounded by the meanies of the … Continue reading

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Notre Dame redivivus?

Notre Dame lives! Monday was pure concentrated stress and sadness – the horror! – watching the spire teeter and fall, then seeing the fire creep along what remained of the roof toward the betowered west fa├žade, and then, as flames … Continue reading

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More for my groaning shelf

Here is the UK Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright’s critique of Hudson Yards, the “largest and most expensive private real estate project in U.S. history.” His article is called “Horror on the Hudson: New York’s $25bn architectural fiasco,” and it … Continue reading

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Sir Roger’s inevitable sack

Roger Scruton’s dismissal from his chairmanship of a commission set up to bring beauty back into the discussion of British housing policy was probably inevitable. Sir Roger is a voice of reason who will not shut up, and good for … Continue reading

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Final say on Fane design?

Fane tower supporters left Monday night’s meeting in full glum after the city’s design panel recommended against approving three of four Fane requests for exemptions from zoning that could kill the project. Opponents left in full euphoria, in the belief … Continue reading

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Block Fane tower Monday

Hope Point Tower should be called Hope Punt Tower. When it comes to hope for the livability of Providence, it punts. The tower’s design goes for its second session before the Downtown Design Review Committee on Monday at 4:45 p.m., … Continue reading

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Barf on Arc de Triomphe

Christo plans to work his tragic on Paris’s Arc de Triomphe, draping it in blue fabric, but fortunately not until 2020, well after my family and I visit the City of Light, if we decide to go. The arch has … Continue reading

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Hope for Henderson Bridge?

Rhode Island’s Department of Transportation plans to use extra federal transportation funds to replace the stodgy old Henderson Bridge – a span that not only looks like a highway overpass but is a highway overpass. It was originally built in … Continue reading

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