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“Three towers of evil”?

A critic of the three towers proposed for the Jewelry District in Providence, city council president Luis Aponte, calls them the “three towers of evil.” Well, that’s a little much. “Foe dubs proposed Providence high-rises ‘towers of evil,’” by Associated … Continue reading

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Review: 1 WTC’s biography

The new World Trade Center reflects what was worst about the old WTC towers and their brethren demolished by terrorists on 9/11. The Twin Towers were sterile, inhumane structures that epitomized the crushing brutality of urbanism at its worst in … Continue reading

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Unbuilt New York (Whew!)

The architectural writer Alexandra Lange reviews Never Built New York in The New Yorker: Her piece is called “The New York that Could Have Been,” a title that suggests she yearns for it. The book, written and compiled by Greg … Continue reading

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Modern music in recovery

Here is an interview by Paul Senz of the Catholic World Report of Robert R. Reilly, who amid a career in the foreign-policy establishment discovered that modern classical music has undergone a renaissance. In fact, he finds that this revival … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving foto feast

Give thanks for Lee Juskalian, my West Coast friend who continues to avidly follow development news in Providence (occasionally letting me in on some of it). He has sent me these marvelous photos. Thanks, also, to the unnamed artists whose … Continue reading

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Porto beauty trumps video

Last night I posted a Kuriositas video of Madrid that, using time-lapse and hyper-lapse videography caught the beauty of Spain’s capital. It was by by Kirill Neiezhmakov. I visited his website and found a video, “A Day in Porto,” Portugal’s … Continue reading

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Madrid time- & hyperlapse

I’ve never been to Madrid, personally or, really, photographically, until this evening. The video on Kuriositas, “Madrid Timelapse & Hyperlapse,” by Kirill Neiezhmakov, brings the beauties of the capital city of Spain before our eyes, most delightfully, though Neiezhmakov could … Continue reading

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Jane Jacobs at Ada Books

The photo shows the late Jane Jacobs sitting on a stool at the White Horse Tavern, in Greenwich Village. On Saturday evening, I saw Jane Jacobs sitting on a table at Ada Books. She was in the form of a … Continue reading

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Tower with, not against Prov

Unsurprisingly, the Providence Journal editorialized today in favor of the three residential towers, dubbed Hope Point Towers, proposed by New York developer Jason Fane. On the same day, in “Man behind Providence high-rise proposal has gotten well connected,” ace reporter … Continue reading

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Ruskin’s “Two Paths” speech

Among the platitudes of architecture these days is the modernist credo that innovation is the chief merit of the building arts. Innovation is important, but modernists have a narrow definition of the term that limits their vision. John Ruskin, the … Continue reading

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