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L.A.’s over-the-top garage

This is, believe it or not, a parking garage. I am informed by Nir Buras, author of The Art of Classic Planning, that the parking garage pictured above, built at 9th & Hill Sts. in Los Angeles in 1926, designed … Continue reading

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Battle of the baseball parks

Here’s an engaging romp through the history of baseball stadia in a piece by Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne. “Battle of the ballparks: Cubs vs. Dodgers and the lost history of L.A.’s own Wrigley Field.” About that, let … Continue reading

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‘Modernism’s back!’ said he!

Here’s a great addition to my collection of articles that damn modernism in its own defense. This one says pretty much the opposite of what the headline says and what the writer, David Hay, wants to believe. “Why Modernism Came … Continue reading

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Zum! Zum! Zum! Zumthor!

The forces of architecture in Los Angeles are clashing over the latest proposal, by Swiss architect and Pritzker prizewinner Peter Zumthor, for the new LACMA. What is the LACMA? A lengthy critique of an even lengthier critique of Zumthor’s design … Continue reading

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Psychitecture? Dig it, baby!

Psychitecture is one of those coinages enabled by the word architecture. The word psychotecture springs immediately to mind, and there’s a blog called Architorture, which is brilliant, except that it is by a coed, Celina, at Cal Poly San Luis … Continue reading

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Parcel 12 revisited

The Carpionato Group has sent me two images of its 2006 design for a proposed hotel at the northeast corner of Kennedy Plaza that fell through. It is of interest because a new hotel proposal, by First Bristol Corp. of … Continue reading

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A new stage for Emerson College

I spent a year in Boston at Emerson College in 1973-74 when it was still on Beacon Street. After I left Boston I heard that Emerson was planning to move out to the suburbs, or rather to Lawrence, Mass. Then, … Continue reading

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Julius Shulman shot modernism

Don’t I wish! The architectural photographer in fact probably did more to promote and then to revive modern architecture than anyone after it was briefly sidetracked by postmodernism. Above is perhaps Shulman’s most iconic photograph, of the Stahl House overlooking … Continue reading

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