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A short history of closets

Nir Haim Buras, author of the newly published The Art of Classic Planning, has sent some fascinating comments on closet history to the TradArch list, under the heading “Classic Closets … Not.” Imagine living without the assistance of closets. Now, … Continue reading

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L.A.’s over-the-top garage

This is, believe it or not, a parking garage. I am informed by Nir Buras, author of The Art of Classic Planning, that the parking garage pictured above, built at 9th & Hill Sts. in Los Angeles in 1926, designed … Continue reading

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NB: Corbu’s Villa d’Orgie

Nir Buras, whose Classic Planning blog I’ve just put on “Blogs I Follow,” and who is writing a major study on classical planning that has taken him around the world, reacted with a deft panache to my recent post on … Continue reading

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Intruder at Gugg party

On Halloween I posted a link to all 1,700-plus entries, from 77 nations, in the international design competition for a proposed Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki. I scanned reams of thumbnails, hoping to find among them one that struck me as … Continue reading

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Trad clearinghouse?

How about a clearinghouse for traditional projects? Prompted by a conversation this morning with the Washington, D.C., architect and planner Nir Buras, I am thinking of starting a new blog, associated with this ol’ Architecture Here and There blog, where … Continue reading

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Guggensinki scandal?

It’s far too early to say whether the design for the proposed Guggenheim museum in Helsinki will prove scandalous in its design, but entries for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s first international museum design competition are due on Wednesday, Sept. … Continue reading

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