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Antelope Freeway is here

Last year the Rhode Island Department of Transportation announced that state and federal highway entrances and exits would be renumbered, under a new federal standard, to reflect not sequence but proximity to highway mile markers. I argued that this was … Continue reading

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Antelope Freeway, 1/8 miles

The Journal reported yesterday that Rhode Island plans to renumber all of the exits on its state and federal highways to meet the latest U.S. standard, beginning with Route 295. The new numbering system would number exits not sequentially, with … Continue reading

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General Motors’ America

How did modern architecture boot classical architecture from its control of the design and planning establishments in America so quickly? After all, it took only about 30 years from the time modernist design hit the streets and the time, about … Continue reading

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Build the boulevard anyway

Governor Raimondo has stepped into the debate here in Providence over how to rebuild the aging 6-10 Connector, which carries traffic into downtown from parts west. The state originally wanted to build a complex version of Boston’s Big Dig, but … Continue reading

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Slowing Prov’s 6/10 Big Dig

A state transportation agency used to routinely grabbing buckets of federal money was probably taken aback last week when the U.S. Department of Transportation rejected its bid for a $175 million FASTLANE grant to help it rebuild Providence’s 6/10 connector. … Continue reading

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Preserve Mineral Spring Ave.

Here is a column I wrote precisely 17 years ago. At the end is a mini-column relating to an early version of what turned out to be the GTECH building. *** Preserve Mineral Spring Avenue April 1, 1999 TWO YEARS … Continue reading

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