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TBC symposium in Brooklyn

The latest Traditional Building Conference, next week in Brooklyn, will feature a host of seminars that together emphasize how major traditional projects can influence the evolution of traditional building techniques. The Dec. 5-6 symposium, spanning Tuesday and Wednesday, at Grand … Continue reading

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Ads to rebuild Penn Station

Advertise. Why didn’t I think of that? Why didn’t anyone think of that? Now the National Civic Art Society has thought of that. It has begun an ad campaign to rebuild Penn Station as it was originally designed by Charles … Continue reading

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“Building Beauty” in Naples

A new architectural program that focuses on beauty, of all things, opens its doors this semester at University Suor Orsola Benincasa, in Naples. The development of the curriculum, known as “Building Beauty,” was led by architect Christopher Alexander, known for … Continue reading

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My TB post on style wars

Here is the January post for my blog at Traditional Building: “Assertively Classical: Thomas Gordon Smith at Notre Dame” was written before the already intense political climate intensified by two- or three-fold after the inauguration of that successful entertainer. The … Continue reading

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Batman’s Penn Station, etc.

Here is my Traditional Building blog post from December, inspired by TB editor Martha McDonald’s expression of intrigue regarding an Architecture Here and There blog post I had written about Batman hiring a modernist architect to redesign Penn Station as … Continue reading

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Comments on my PPS post

Because many readers do not read the comments section of a blog, I am publishing two comments from eminent theorists who have read my blog post “Why preserve? PPS speaks.” They are from Steven Semes, a Notre Dame professor of … Continue reading

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In like a rat, out like Jonah

As I was searching for the original photo of old Penn Station hanging at the existing Penn Station, shown by Max Page at the Providence Preservation Society’s symposium on Friday, I stumbled across this hilarious cartoon on batmangotham city.net. It … Continue reading

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Why preserve? PPS speaks

I caught today’s “plenary” lecture by Why Preservation Matters author Max Page, and the “In the Moment” panel discussion that followed. Page kicked off a day of panels and tours for the Providence Preservation Society‘s “Why Preserve” symposium with an … Continue reading

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Mehaffy on why we rebuild

A retrograde opinion by a thinker of apparently native good sense can generate a cavalcade of truths from another thinker in response. Thus we have Michael Mehaffy’s response to Duo Dickinson’s curious “Sprinting to the Past,” against the idea of … Continue reading

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Froma vs. NYT on towers

The irrepressible Froma Harrop, my former colleague at the Providence Journal who has started a news/culture website, Silk Stocking, for Manhattan’s Upper East Side, has taken on the New York Times. Taking aim at its editorial of March 11, “Saving … Continue reading

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