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The sinister self-driving car

The Atlantic has a very interesting article, “How Self-Driving Cars Will Threaten Privacy,” by Adrienne LaFrance. It actually ran a couple of years ago, and looks forward to the convenience of life with a self-driving car. The car will listen … Continue reading

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25 million books in limbo

The latest Atlantic Monthly (as it was once called) has a fascinating piece called “Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria,” by James Somers. It chills me to realize that but for a judge’s diktat, 25 million books – not pages, … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving foto feast

Give thanks for Lee Juskalian, my West Coast friend who continues to avidly follow development news in Providence (occasionally letting me in on some of it). He has sent me these marvelous photos. Thanks, also, to the unnamed artists whose … Continue reading

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Self-driving auto-da-fe?

Auto-da-fé has come to mean, in common lexicon, the burning of a heretic. Give it more time and the phrase will mean self-immolation. Let me push it along a bit. The recent first death in an accident involving a self-driving … Continue reading

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The driverless car fiasco

Driverless cars are fast becoming the next big thing, with timelines for their arrival collapsing at breakneck speed. They remind me of the Minions. Craaashhh! The website grist.org has an article by Katie Herzog called “No One Wants Driverless Cars … Continue reading

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Google belly flops logo test

Andres Duany asked TradArch listers why they “hate” Google’s new logo, assuming that most list members consider it to have been a bad move. I do not hate it. A logo change is not worthy of hatred. I dislike it, … Continue reading

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We dodge a Gmail spanking

Help! One click can let your tech-challenged correspondent keep sending these Architecture Here And There posts to you. You need not don the above Rube Goldberg device. That is my job. Your job: Hit “Follow,” the button just to the … Continue reading

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