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Modernizing Malta – awk!

This photo from “Totemic elevator” on Geoff Manaugh’s fine blog BLDGBLOG had me fooled for a moment. The shot shows a lovely scene taken along the fortifications of Valletta, the capital of the island nation of Malta in the Mediterraean … Continue reading

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Photochromatic coloration

Here, in “Please Don’t Take My Photochrome,” courtesy of Geoff Manaugh at BLDGBLOG, are a good bunch of photochrome photographs of European and North African buildings housed at the Library of Congress. Manaugh writes: “Each image has a strangely volumetric … Continue reading

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Self-driving auto-da-fe?

Auto-da-fé has come to mean, in common lexicon, the burning of a heretic. Give it more time and the phrase will mean self-immolation. Let me push it along a bit. The recent first death in an accident involving a self-driving … Continue reading

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The architecture of burglary

I’ve been wanting to read A Burglar’s Guide to the City, by Geoff Manaugh, whose fascinating blog BLDGBLOG has recently infatuated me. Here is something he recently said to Ellen Gamerman of the Wall Street Journal for “The Dying Art … Continue reading

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My Jane Jacobs river tour

Wednesday would be the 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs if she had not died in 2006. Saturday at 1 p.m. is my third tour of Providence’s new riverfront for Jane’s Walk, the international conspiracy to spread her urbanist wisdom around … Continue reading

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And I thought I was tough on Gehry!

Kristen Richards, who applies exquisite snark in describing some of the columns of mine that she posts on her stellar website ArchNewsNow.com, has sent me this amazing diatribe against Frank Gehry, by Geoff Manaugh, posted on Gizmodo.com, called “Frank Gehry … Continue reading

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