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Good news from Big Apple

The New York Times has published an article that, because it is in the New York Times, is sure to uplift the status of beauty on the architectural scene, in that city and elsewhere. “Bygone Romance Makes a Return” (“The … Continue reading

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Arthur Ross Awards, 2017

Back in 2013 I visited Chicago to attend the celebration of that year’s Driehaus Prize laureate, Thomas Beeby. Amid the festivities was a large landscape in oil that included work by all of the first ten Driehaus recipients, commissioned by … Continue reading

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Allan Greenberg’s classicism

While the contagion of “global architecture” today dilutes the individual character of our cities, turning them into bland collections of interchangeable buildings, we now have voices offering a fresh choice: classical architecture based on local traditions and ideals. With the … Continue reading

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Save the Yale Club!

The title above could as easily have been “Save the Roosevelt Hotel!” or for that matter “Save Grand Central Terminal!” “Save the Chrysler Building!” might also be apt. Or it could be “All is lost!” … “Or maybe not!” could … Continue reading

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Annoyer of Pennoyer

Some classicists are up in arms over an interview with Peter Pennoyer by Nikolai Fedak on the web site YIMBY – Yes In My Back Yard, as opposed, I suppose, to NIMBY. But I don’t think Fedak phrased his questions … Continue reading

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New date, time for Pennoyer talk

Fawlty information! Oops! Here’s the new, correct information on Peter Pennoyer’s talk in June at the Boston Athenaeum. Sorry for any confusion: Thursday, June 12 – Lecture by Peter Pennoyer, classical architect in New York City and national board member of … Continue reading

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Upcoming classical architecture dates

Here, briefly, are a number of upcoming events sponsored (or not) by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. Details and registration, where applicable, are here. Wednesday, March 26 – The inaugural Boston Design Week, beginning the 20th, features a panel … Continue reading

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