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Hits every nail on the head

Peter Franklin, at the website UnHerd.com, has written “The hideous spread of ‘spreadsheet’ architecture: It’s time to rise up against the uglification of our cities.” It knocks the ball out of the park. I have read many great articles on … Continue reading

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Modernism vs. modernism

“Why Do People Hate Modern Architecture?” is a ten-minute video by Betty Chen, who posts from ARTiculations.com, an art supply shop in Toronto. Chen comes across as favorable to modern art and architecture. Indeed, the next video of hers on … Continue reading

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Yo! Brutalist website design!

Russell Jenkins, who has an accurate sense of where my funny bone is located, sent me a link to a website about Brutalist web design. “The disease spreads beyond architecture,” he noted. Yes, but that strikes me as old news. … Continue reading

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Try this Brutalist wallpaper!

“Brutalist wallpaper brings the concrete dream to any room“! Ah, that concrete dream! I must really hand it to Kristen Richards, founder and editor of the indispensable ArchNewsNow.com. She sent me the link. “You’ll love this – not!” she writes, … Continue reading

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Brutalists are people, too

Just very bad people. How bad is detailed in an entertaining, if depressing, article on the Londonist website entitled “How Brutalism Scarred London.” The closest I can come to ripping off the veil of anonymity donned by the article’s author, … Continue reading

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Eulogies for Fogarty on tap

Whether you are glad or sad to see it go, the Fogarty Building finally seems about to ruthlessly collide its chunky members, such as they are, for the last time. Demolition of the empty, forlorn 1967 building in the Brutalist … Continue reading

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Lovely rough-hewn brick

Beauty is not always symmetrical, or smooth or polished. Neither is nature. Some of the most beautiful buildings have a sort of rough-hewn quality, often provided gratis over the years by time and weather. The matter came up yesterday when … Continue reading

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Lisbon’s new coach museum

I’d hate to be the architect of a new building that was described this way: With its white cobblestone pavements, Moorish-tiled facades, and pastelarias (cakeshops) on every corner, visitors to Lisbon frequently feel that they’ve stumbled into a fairytale. So … Continue reading

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Beautiful Brutalist buildings

Contradiction in terms? Not to architecture critic Jonathan Glancey; still less, one must assume, to Peter Chadwick, who has devoted an entire book, This Brutal World, from which Glancey has selected his favorites in “Ten beautiful Brutalist buildings” for the … Continue reading

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The “Brutalist” website fad

The Washington Post reports that “The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult websites.”  The article by Katherine Acrement states: Look at Hacker News. Pinboard. The Drudge Report. Adult Swim. Bloomberg Businessweek features. All of these sites … Continue reading

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