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Save secret park in Lisbon

One of the worst things that can befall a dear old municipal park and garden is for “preservationists” to ride to its rescue. First, it may not be in need of rescue. Second, the preservationists are likely to want to … Continue reading

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Lisbon’s new coach museum

I’d hate to be the architect of a new building that was described this way: With its white cobblestone pavements, Moorish-tiled facades, and pastelarias (cakeshops) on every corner, visitors to Lisbon frequently feel that they’ve stumbled into a fairytale. So … Continue reading

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Inside Lisbon’s new garage

Sebastião Durão has sent me two photos from inside the new Coach Museum in Lisbon. He adds: “You should illustrate your post with some pictures of the inside of the new garage, sorry, museum. Isn’t it lovely?” His point and … Continue reading

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Lisbon’s coach catastrophe

Malcolm Millais, author of the explosive Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture (2009) sends sad news from Portugal. Lisbon’s delightful and elegant Coach Museum, long the nation’s most popular museum, had been housed in a perfectly lovely building of impeccable … Continue reading

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