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Ads to rebuild Penn Station

Advertise. Why didn’t I think of that? Why didn’t anyone think of that? Now the National Civic Art Society has thought of that. It has begun an ad campaign to rebuild Penn Station as it was originally designed by Charles … Continue reading

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Times Sq. billboards at risk?

Leave it to Kristen Richards and ArchNewsNow.com to post an article relevent to my own personal agenda – in this case, my trip down to New York City on Amtrak, starting in two hours and 26 minutes. That’s when our … Continue reading

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Beam me up, Alex!

Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam recently saw “Look Up!” – the TV ad beamed around the country by the American Institute of Architects. In his latest piece, “Look up, there is a problem with architecture,” he seems not to have … Continue reading

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Bad Mad Men

See them (the bad mad men) lurking in the background? Please don’t remove the foreground (the bad mad, often angry, women)! So here’s Dan Bishop, production designer for Mad Men, describing (I think in Dwell magazine, as my source seems … Continue reading

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