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Pop the ‘historicist’ bugaboo

Jan Michl, the design theorist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, saw my post “Huxtable versus Huxtable” and sent me a recent paper called “Towards Understanding Visual Styles as Inventions Without Expiration Dates.” In it, he argues that … Continue reading

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Better ideas not worse, pls!

Yesterday I sent in my monthly blog post for Traditional Building magazine, and today I’m thinking, well, I left out some really important stuff. My TB post was a reply to TB’s Forum in which the architectural historian Paul A. … Continue reading

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Existential Candyland

I play Candyland with my little boy, Billy, age 5. He is very good at it, as the philosophical discourse linked below demonstrates. He occasionally moves his marker to the colored square where the colored card tells him it ought … Continue reading

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Is beauty conservative?

No. Certainly not in the political sense. Beauty, by which I mean architectural beauty in traditional and classical design, is as alluring to liberals as it is to conservatives. Because political conservatives have been more skeptical of modern architecture and … Continue reading

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