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Curl to clobber “dystopia”

Printing now in Britain at Oxford University Press is James Stevens Curl’s jeremiad against modern architecture, called Making Dystopia: The Strange Rise and Survival of Architectural Barbarism. A review copy is on the way. As I informed Professor Curl in … Continue reading

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New blog, old conversation

The following is the first post published on my new blog with Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines. These are monthly and will be posted on this blog a month following their posting at TB and PH. My second post … Continue reading

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Painting in Porto, Port.

Malcolm Millais, author of Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture, is a British engineer and architect who has retired to Porto, in Portugal, where he has taken up the pastime of painting – as Churchill did after his Gallipoli military … Continue reading

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Behead the Islamic State

It may have been the beheading of Khalid al-Asaad, known as Mr. Palmyra, a retired professor and protector of antiquities at Palmyra, that pushed me over the edge a few days ago, and I’ve been mulling the idea with further … Continue reading

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