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Facing the faces in facades

Most architects don’t get it. The brain is hardwired to prefer traditional buildings over modernist buildings because building facades with more things going on – windows and doors clearly marked, ornament and detail at a range of scales – make … Continue reading

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Our buildings, our selves

Ann Sussman, author with Justin Hollander of Cognitive Architecture, has an article in Planning magazine, “Planning for the Subconscious,” that suggests that the millennia-long evolution of how we shape buildings and places placates the inner urges of our minds and … Continue reading

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Mark Anthony Signorelli: The poetry of architecture

Nikos Salingaros, the theorist of architecture’s debt to biology, has sent me an essay by his sometime collaborator Mark Anthony Signorelli. Nikos describes “The Soul in the Temple” as “very insightful and very poetic (well, Mark is a poet!).” I … Continue reading

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Details, details, NYC edition

Manhattan at its best may be seen at that level of scale – the very small, the small and the submedium – that modern architecture eliminates almost entirely from its works. That’s why modernism is impressive only from a distance, … Continue reading

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