Paris, in danger, needs you

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Here is a video, “SOS Paris: Notre capitale a besoin de nous,” running four and a half minutes of mostly still shots adding up, in a most piquant manner, to the danger facing Paris if its mayor has her way. Contact SOS Paris for more information.

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2 Responses to Paris, in danger, needs you

  1. David,

    I’m sorry, but this video simply will not do anything to save Paris. Pretty old photos and an appeal to the romantic pre-war Paris… it reminds me of preparing the cavalry to go into combat against tanks. The efforts of my friends at SOS-Paris notwithstanding, the quasi-military forces of global finance are lined up to destroy the human scale in order to build monster buildings (and to make monster profits). Supporting this — and far more insidious — is the conditioning of architects over several decades to actually PREFER the industrial tool-sheds that are slated to replace the lovely kiosks. We, everywhere in the world, have allowed a nihilistic conception of built structure to permeate our society. Now it’s time to pay the price.

    Adieu, Paris. C’est ne pas « au revoir » parce-que une fois détruit, on ne le revoit plus jamais !



    • I’m afraid you are right, Nikos, about the depressing larger trends. Still, to the extent that a reaction against them is possible, reminders of what is being lost are important. Will that video save the day? Of course not. Will it help? Clearly. Will the day be saved? Probably not. Is that a reason to give up? No, because salvation remains possible, perhaps in the form of a public uprising or in the form of an economic downturn that halts new construction.


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