Nod of the Royal Oak

10As a board member of the New England Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, I am greatly pleased to learn that the ICAA has received the 2014 Heritage Award of the Royal Oak Foundation. The Foundation is an American organization that supports the work of Britain’s top preservation organization, the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Foundation promotes the values of classical architecture and its allied arts in America and in Britain.

The award is given “in recognition of institutions or individuals in Britain or the United States that have substantially advanced the understanding and appreciation of our shared cultural heritage.” This recognition was accepted by the Institute’s board chairman, Mark Ferguson, in a ceremony at the Foundation’s headquarters on West 35th St., in New York City. Here are the illustrated remarks of Chairman Ferguson, as recorded in the Institute’s Classicist Blog, on this happy occasion.

The inspiring photograph above is from the chairman’s presentation but is not identified. I have petitioned Steven Semes, chairman of the historic preservation department at Notre Dame, author of the pathbreaking book The Future of the Past and editor of the Institute’s Classicist Blog, to let me know what building has the grace to display this fine array of architraves and cornices. I will convey the information to readers as soon as I can.

… Around six this evening, Joshua Shearin sent a comment to this post identifying the photo as the Bryant Park Monument behind the New York Public Library. He added the photo below, and his identification looks sound. I give thanks for his information.

Bryant Park, Statues


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2 Responses to Nod of the Royal Oak

  1. Reblogged this on Architecture Here and There and commented:

    A reader has identified the location of the classical array atop this post. See its conclusion.


  2. Joshua Shearin says:

    I believe the photo in this post is of the Bryant Park Monument, located behind the New York Public Library… but I could be mistaken.


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