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How modernism is killing us

In my post on Tuesday, “Alien spaceship in Alberta!,” author and iconoclast James Howard Kunstler tagged Edmonton’s new Deconstructivist library as August’s “Eyesore of the Month.” (The name pegs the style as accurately as that of Brutalism.) Well, as they … Continue reading

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Alien spaceship in Alberta!

Imagine if the charming little spaceship that landed on the Mall in The Day the Earth Stood Still had looked like this. Full global fright would have been the instantaneous and immutable reaction. Sorry, no negotiation over a meeting of … Continue reading

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“Vessel” and Gaillard Center

Far distant on the spectrum of the architectural firmament from “The Vessel,” whose status as Jim Kunstler’s Eyesore of the Month I touted in a post, “Stairway to nowhere in N.Y.,” earlier today, is the new Gaillard Center, a concert … Continue reading

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Techno-narcissist Kunstler’d

James Howard Kunstler’s latest Eyesore of the Month, which I reprint from his blog Clusterfuck Nation, had to be the winner of this year’s ridiculous eVolo Magazine architecture contest. And so it was. Only the ugliest and the stupidest entries … Continue reading

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My 15 minutes of fame!

James Howard Kunstler, coiner of the word “crudscape,” author of great books from The Geography of Nowhere to World Built By Hand to The Long Emergency, lecturer extraordinaire, has picked up my denunciation of the new T entry at Government … Continue reading

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