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Review: “Pollak’s Arm”

Pollak’s Arm, a historical novel by Hans von Trotha, is not about Pollak’s arm but about the arm his protagonist, art collector Ludwig Pollak, found, which had been missing for centuries from the shoulder of Laoco├Ân (pronounced lay-o-coo-on), the central … Continue reading

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While we’re still on Corbu …

Came across a passage in James Crawford’s fascinating Fallen Glory, a collection of mini-histories of famous buildings, many ancient, and the societies that grew up around them and their implications for societies today. The chapter “Modernism’s Labyrinth” follows archaeological digs … Continue reading

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Krier: Ruins and discontents

Since we are still on our reconstruction roll, here is an excellent essay by Leon Krier, architectural theorist and master planner of Prince Charles’s new town of Poundbury. It was originally intended as an introduction to The Roman Forum: A … Continue reading

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A lovely 3 minutes in Rome

Here is a video of Rome, with some clips from Pisa and Vatican City, sent to me by Big Geek Daddy. Actually, they sent a video of Barcelona, but it was marred by too much focus on special effects, though … Continue reading

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Hopeful video from ISIS?

Here is a three-minute video apparently from ISIS entitled “ISIS Vows Not To Bulldoze Palmyra Architecture (Only Statues),” with a text translated on-screen. The authenticity of this statement has not been confirmed but is considered likely. The Blouinartinfo Blogs article … Continue reading

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“The city that makes Rome blush”

“The City that Makes Rome Blush: Five Reasons Why Palmyera’s Ruins Are So Important,” by Caroline Miranda (what a name!) of the Los Angeles Times, wrote a fascinating piece in the days leading up to the ancient Syrian city’s capture … Continue reading

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