Gone fishin’; back soon, II

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(Peanuts Worldwide)

On Tuesday I go under the knife for an aortic valve replacement, and I deeply thank all who have wished me well, both the first time (the operation was originally scheduled for Dec. 17) and this time. Nobody wants his chest jig-sawed open or folks wandering around inside his rib cage – even talented folks. And I have every high regard for my cardio surgeon, James Fingleton, along with his team, and all the fine people who operate Rhode Island Hospital at the highest standards. (Though whoever decided to demolish that nice old building a couple of years ago, well, I wish coal in his stocking next year.)

For those who consider my vacation from my blog to be their vacation from my blog, bad news! I have figured out (I think) how to post in advance so that I don’t have to write any blog posts during my hospital stay. I have lined up five posts, old favorites, scheduled for every other day between Tuesday, Jan. 28 and Wednesday, Feb. 5. The catch is that for those who get my blog by email, they will have to visit my blog to see the substitute posts. Luckily, that is very easy. Just type “Architecture Here and There” in Google and links to AHAT will automatically appear. Beijing and the Kremlin may learn of your interest in my blog, but who cares!

Anyway, thank you for your kind thoughts, and be assured that normalcy will resume in a week or so.

About David Brussat

This blog was begun in 2009 as a feature of the Providence Journal, where I was on the editorial board and wrote a weekly column of architecture criticism for three decades. Architecture Here and There fights the style wars for classical architecture and against modern architecture, no holds barred. History Press asked me to write and in August 2017 published my first book, "Lost Providence." I am now writing my second book. My freelance writing on architecture and other topics addresses issues of design and culture locally and globally. I am a member of the board of the New England chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, which bestowed an Arthur Ross Award on me in 2002. I work from Providence, R.I., where I live with my wife Victoria, my son Billy and our cat Gato. If you would like to employ my writing and editing to improve your work, please email me at my consultancy, dbrussat@gmail.com, or call 401.351.0457. Testimonial: "Your work is so wonderful - you now enter my mind and write what I would have written." - Nikos Salingaros, mathematician at the University of Texas, architectural theorist and author of many books.
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17 Responses to Gone fishin’; back soon, II

  1. Arthur Mark says:

    Dear David,

    So sorry to read about your upcoming surgery. I had the same a few years ago and found it not as difficult as I’d feared. Good luck and god bless.

    Please let us know how you’re doing.

    All the best,




  2. Peter Van Erp says:

    Best of luck, David. 10 years or so ago, Jay Litman had his heart valve repaired, and he’s still going strong, so I look forward to many years of your battle against the Empire.


  3. Peter Mackie says:

    This may be a case in which you will have to settle for modern architecture-i.e, plastic instead of a more elegant part. Not to worry, you will remain true to classical solutions .
    Looking forward to a speedy recovery.
    My Best Wishes,
    Peter Mackie


    • Thanks for your kind thoughts, Peter. I wish I could have had my surgery done in that nice old building they tore down a couple years ago. Why couldn’t they use it to store gurneys or something like that – or turn it into apartments for rental by nurses!


  4. Steve Mouzon says:

    The best of wishes to you, David!!


    • Thank you so much, Steve.

      And please forgive me if I wrap all you dear people into my thanks to Steve for his best wishes. I see those who are more worried than I am about this have lined up to send their kind thoughts, and I thank you all from the bottom of my (post-op) heart!


  5. The entire board of the New England chapter of the ICAA says… heal quickly my friend, we need you back on the front line, in the trenches! Godspeed!


  6. RINewsToday.com says:

    Best of luck David. Fingleton is tops! The photo I use in my Friday feature was taken from the cardiac suite at my ex’s open heart surgery… new life! It’s the good, bad and ugly photo – grey sky, sun coming up… Nancy


  7. Anonymous says:

    Best wishes David.


  8. Rob Stephenson says:

    Best Wishes David! Thinking of you in Australia.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Laurence J Sasso Jr says:

    All the best for an easy time and quick recovery!


  10. Brian Heller says:

    Hi David,

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Brian Heller

    Sent from my iPhone



  11. A Subscriber says:

    Best of luck, Big Guy! I’ll be thinking of you.


  12. Judith Dupre says:

    Get better soon, David! Oxo


  13. Anonymous says:

    Best wishes for a rapid recovery


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