3 Responses to Guv pivots, dumps slogan

  1. Well, I’m with you about 96 percent, David. I’ve come across the problem that “creatives” design for other “creatives” in the graphic design world. Inevitably, they go for the latest colors, typefaces, page sizes, etc., without asking whether a page can be read, which is sort of the point, yes? I do think, however, that this is one of those positive points of capitalism. I do believe people choose. Read the product comments on Amazon, for example, and you will see plenty of complaints about useless add-ons that are the first to break. And the fierce competition means I have choice and that product won’t be there very long. That may have even played a part in this whole hubbub about the tourism effort.


    • No doubt you are right, Rick. There remain outposts of sanity, and even large swatches of it in every realm of endeavor in the nation. But it only takes so much to screw things up in a major way, and in most aspects of life the amount of good sense is not high enough to prevent senselessness from dragging down (not all the way yet) the quality of life. Is that what you mean, essentially?


  2. I started a Google Doc to share all the goofs and errors in the Visit RI Site : http://tinyurl.com/hz2ypvf
    Share liberally!


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