My 777 conspiracy theory

jet777A little (okay a lot) off topic, but like many I cannot forget about the poor jet and its passengers and their fate.

But didn’t the abrupt switch away from the possibility of a hijacking and the constant focus, thereafter, on satellite images of wreckage that turned out to be trash and now on pings seem a bit suspicious to you? It did to me. So finally, in desperation, I sent this comment to a blog I follow, the Riparian Times:

I cannot get anyone to listen to my relatively simple conspiracy theory (does that mean it cannot be a conspiracy theory, which only come in the complex variety?). It is that the plane was hijacked by terrorists, either the pilot, his co-pilot, terrorists among the passengers, or some combination. They tried to make it look like the plane had ditched, then flew it to a deserted island or up to Khazakstan, Pakistan or someplace where a newly paved landing strip awaited. Meanwhile, the Malaysian authorities, maybe pressured by the U.S., got the search focused overtly on a loss at sea but covertly continued to play out the possibility of a terrorist hijacking – not for ransom (alas for the passengers) but to have a jet to fly into a tower on some not too distant tomorrow. So the media, perhaps in cahoots or perhaps because they are easily played anyway, has been focusing on the fake sea crash since the too-abrupt switch from coverage of the pilot’s computer and the switching off of the electronics and the crazy satellite routing evidence. No mention thereafter of his political interests or the breakup of his marriage, and no mention – shh! – of the possibility that there remain alternatives to a sea crash since no real evidence, even to this date, has emerged to support it. Meanwhile, the CIA and everyone in spooksville are trying to find that plane on land, and when they find it they will make a big deal of hoodwinking the whole world to focus on the pings and the satellite shots of “wreckage” for weeks. Well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Actually, I think this is the last best hope for the passengers. I’d rather believe that they have a chance (at the cost of maybe the terrorists getting away with stashing a jetliner), however slender, than consign them to the deep with so little evidence.

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